$55m grant for intelligent transport

$55m grant for intelligent transport

The Federal Government has granted a group of nearly fifty leading industry and research organisations known as the iMOVE Co-operative Research Centre (CRC), a total of $55 million over ten years to explore intelligent transport systems including self-drive vehicles.

Key members of the iMOVE CRC include the University of Sydney Business School’s Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) and the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Engineering and IT.

The large grant to iMOVE CRC was announced by the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Senator Arthur Sinodinos.

It has been described by the director of the ITLS Professor David Hensher as “a clear demonstration of the central role the transport and logistics industry will play in improving competitiveness and productivity across the Australian economy”.

When added to contributions already made by industry and university members, the Federal funds bring the iMOVE CRC’s total research budget to more than $100 million.

“These funds will now be used by iMOVE CRC to explore digital and evolving vehicle technologies to increase the efficiency of passenger and freight flows, reduce congestion, fuel use, and emissions, and to improve productivity and competitiveness,” Professor Hensher said.

Around a million dollars a year will flow to the Business School’s ITLS and Sydney’s Faculty of Engineering and IT.

“The ITLS is actively involved in the iMOVE CRC group through its focus on the research themes of intelligent transport systems and infrastructures, end-to-end freight solutions, and enhanced personal mobility,” Professor Hensher said.

In addition to Professor Hensher, the ITLS research team will include Professors Michael Bell, Michiel Bliemer, Stephen Greaves, Behnam Fahimnia, Corinne Mulley and Rico Merkert, as well as a number of other academics and PhD students.

The ITLS’ Professor Behnam Fahimnia will lead the iMOVE CRC research focused on end-to-end freight solutions.

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