make money if you have excess warehouse space

make money

if you have excess warehouse space

save money

if you need more space warehouse-exchange

the online space site

do you have excess warehouse space?

w-e can use it

• quick and easy process

• w-e does all the work for you

• improves your bottom line

maybe you have excess warehouse space due to:

• a new facility now onstream

• change in market conditions

• movement in demand

excess capacity costs money and decreases efficiency.

w-e can lease out your space and generate revenue for you.

w-e provides one point of contact, an easy-to-use, fast online service.

w-e provides opportunities for warehouse users and warehouse providers to:

• increase revenue

• decrease costs

• improve operational efficiency

do you need more warehouse space? w-e can find it

• move to a variable cost basis

• w-e matches your needs

• save money

maybe you need more warehouse space due to:

• seasonal fluctuations

• overflow

• growth

w-e lists all known available space including business-to-business available space as well as using the resources of real estate and third party warehousing specialists.

w-e finds warehouse space for you on a variable cost basis. makes searching for space easy, usually on a flexible term.

find space quickly, easily australia’s first on-line warehouse exchange has been launched to provide australian businesses with:

• easy access to additional warehouse space

• easy access to revenue for those with surplus space

this is supported by comprehensive systems and expert assistance.

the global trend is to use a collaborative approach, which achieves sustainable improvements by encouraging companies to share resources and reduce costs and increase revenue.

today’s market demands a more efficient use of resources.

alternatively, many businesses with surplus space can now use it to raise additional revenue.

businesses simply have to be more agile and dynamic.

warehouse-exchange helps you to collaborate by sharing your facilities and save money.

w-e is an independent online service that matches businesses with excess warehouse space to those which need more space – either short or longer term.

why warehouse-exchange?

free search australia-wide once you register online, w-e provides access to an extensive warehouse resource centre. it provides:

• business templates

• ebooks

• business directories

• links to logistics support

• case studies

• market blogs

when searching for space, w-e matches warehouse space to your specifications, commodity-type, location and budget.

simply post your requirements, w-e does the rest.

alliance partners

w-e maintains a professional relationship with proven specialist suppliers of services to the warehouse industry:

• supply chain consulting

• vendor-managed inventory solutions

• kpi and billing software

• marketing consulting services

• security systems

• carbon consulting services

• pre-employment background checks

• freight management

contact warehouse-exchange

t: 1300 797 141

f: 1300 797 050



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