Australian pallet management software to conquer the USA

Ithaca, NY, headquartered Ongweoweh Corp has this month signed an exclusive memorandum of understanding with Australian pallet management and reconciliation software developer 2ic.

The North American corporation will supply the 2ic solution to rental pallet users throughout the United States and Mexico.

Founded in 1978, Ongweoweh has developed a significant presence in the pallet supply business. It currently distributes, manages, recovers and recycles more than 17 million pallets yearly throughout North America. It has annual sales approaching $US80 million and is one of the 50 largest minority-owned companies in the USA.

With other corporate offices in Rochester NY and Dallas TX and Atlanta GA, Ongweoweh manages pallet pools and packaging procurement for many Fortune 500 companies, as well as medium to small organisations requiring professional pallet management services . 

The organization’s founder and CEO, Frank C Bonamie, said: “from its inception, the company’s mission has been to reduce material handling costs for its customers. We are committed to exceeding customers’ expectations through product quality, technical innovation, and exemplary service. A philosophy that will now be significantly complemented by 2ic’s pallet management and reconciliation software.

“This was originally developed to meet the requirements of the demanding Australian market, where use of the system is now widespread. In mid-2007 distribution began in the United Kingdom and Canada, with initial installations having been quickly achieved. In both those locales, there are also many other large logistics and distribution-focussed companies now trialling the application.”

2ic Software CEO, Andrew Whittam, said: “The cost and time savings that the software can deliver are ideally suited to the way that pallets are used in North America. Particularly as more and more users move from plain pallets to pooled pallets.

“We are delighted to now be partnering with the Ongweoweh team. They have vast experience in the pallet business. And are highly skilled in removing the many challenges associated with the arduous, time consuming and error prone process of pallet management. Challenges that include the major financial risks that all too often occurs if shared pallets are not effectively transferred or are lost.”   

For further information:

Please contact:

Chris Merta


+1 (607) 266 7070  x822


Andrew Whittam

2ic Software

+61 (8) 8132 1455

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