Victoria to monitor heavy vehicles on the road

Heavy vehicles operating in Victoria will soon be subject to monitoring with new access conditions. 

Victorian Roads Minister Tim Pallas has announced the introduction of the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) to monitor the movements of heavy cranes and concrete pump trucks.

Mr Pallas said the new technology would allow the Victorian construction industry to achieve significant productivity gains.

“This technology will help ensure heavy mobile cranes and pump trucks are using the approved routes on the road network.

“The technology will allow us to provide increased access to vehicles on the approved routes and to identify when these vehicles are off the approved routes,” he said.

The IAP is a voluntary program which provides heavy vehicles with access to the Australian road network in return for monitoring of compliance with specific access conditions.

Under the program, heavy vehicles will be tracked using global positioning system (GPS) units provided by service providers who are certified by the Transport Certification Australia.

Mr Pallas said currently heavy crane operators have to find their own GPS units.

“With this new initiative, Intelligent Access Program service providers will take over the job of fitting GPS units and tracking vehicles,” he said.

The program is expected to deliver improve road safety, protection of road infrastructure, increased transport industry efficiency and productivity, as well as reduced administrative burden for heavy vehicle operators.


VicRoads has started a six-month transition program this month to help operators in the state adapt to the new system when it is compatible with their businesses, with a series of information sessions to be held across Victoria.


Queensland is also planning to make the program a requirement for higher mass limit access in the state from 1 July 2009. NSW also enacted full IAP legislation.

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