Strategic alliance creates new transport management system

Australian transport and logistics solutions provider TransLogix, and MTData, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of GPS tracking and fleet management systems, have formed a strategic alliance that will deliver a seamless ‘out of the box’ transport management system with a fully integrated vehicle tracking solution.
This is an active relationship between two significant providers in the industry that claims to unlock the value of the latest technology advances to deliver the most cost-effective transport management and tracking capability to customers.
Both parties have prioritised their development initiatives to ensure MTData’s tracking solution works seamlessly with TransLogix’ transport management software. They will continue to work closely together to deliver further features, with an Intelligent Access Program (IAP) announcement expected shortly.
The IAP is a brand new approach to road management. The voluntary program uses the global navigational satellite system to monitor heavy vehicles’ road use, giving transport operators flexible access to the Australian road network to suit their specific business and operational needs. In return, the IAP provides road authorities with greater confidence that heavy vehicles are complying with the agreed road access conditions.
“While the alliance is not exclusive, both companies have confirmed a strong commitment to focus development efforts on activities that deliver maximum benefit to our customers,” said TransLogix managing director, Anselm Waterfield. “What makes this alliance so exciting is that we both find our strategies in perfect alignment, with each partner making significant commitments and leveraging our complementary products, skills and experience.”
Waterfield said TransLogix will also become an MTData dealer, with the skills and capability to configure, price, implement and support the full MTData suite of products as an integral element of the TransLogix Sapphire and Opal solutions. The MTData product suite ranges from basic vehicle tracking through to in-vehicle phones, portable data terminals, CAN-Bus interfaces, g-force sensors, temperature tracking and in-vehicle computing. These products create a comprehensive offer to the transport industry.
Logistics companies will be able to manage their fleets more efficiently through reduced administration, improved customer services and visibility, automated KPI and exception reporting, increased driver, vehicle and load security, and ultimately increased fleet utilisation.
“We have been trying to find a tracking partner to commit to this level of product development and support for some time,” said Waterfield. “We have had discussions with all the major players in the market, and none had the product capability and willingness to commit to a strategic product alliance. Together MTData and TransLogix can offer our customers the best return on investment in the short and long term.”

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