Nintendo to upgrade supply chain IT to cope with demand

Home entertainment giant Nintendo’s recent launch of the DSi in Australia is the latest in a long line of supply chain success stories, leading the company to update its supply chain management system.
In the seven years that Nintendo Australia has run its business on the Odyssey intelligent supply chain system from Australian software company Mid-Comp International, they have launched the Game Cube, DS, DS Lite, Wii and now the DSi.
Nintendo has experienced considerable growth in the market in recent years with the launch of Nintendo DS and Wii. The combination of Odyssey and IBM hardware has been a key component is their ability to process the increase in business transactions.
The company uses Odyssey for purchasing, warehousing, inventory control, supply chain distribution, sales (including via EDI and VMI), and the full financials suite for the accounting side of business. Odyssey is also used to manage the repair and servicing of all Nintendo branded products nationwide.
Mid-Comp International managing director, Steve Bridges, said: “Nintendo has experienced great acceptance and success in the Australian market. Such enviable sustained growth places strain on the management group to ensure that product throughput can keep pace with customer demand. Yet the bottom line is that Odyssey has been able to meet this challenge, successfully assisting Nintendo Australia in distributing and servicing every Nintendo product since 2002.”
Nintendo is operating version 4.2 of Odyssey, the current production release, and is working in close partnership with Mid-Comp to obtain and apply all the latest Odyssey enhancements in advance of the general release of v5.0, due in August. Nintendo runs Odyssey on an IBM iSeries platform, serving over 80 users.
Mr Bridges said: “Nintendo was Mid-Comp’s beta site for Odyssey. As such they have participated in the development, issues and growth of the product over the seven years since its inception in 2002. Over this time there has not been a single major software related instance that has prevented Nintendo’s ability to trade.”
At present Nintendo’s management is undertaking a complete review of internal operating procedures and process flows in order to take advantage of the new functionality and enhanced processes available in Odyssey v5.0.
Nintendo has determined that taking full advantage of technology aides in their business processes is the most practical method of ensuring that they are prepared for the continuous increase in demand for Nintendo’s home entertainment products in Australia

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