Corporate Express releases inaugural sustainability report

Business essentials supplier Corporate Express Australia Limited has released its first Sustainability Report. The 2008 report covers the company’s Australian and New Zealand operations and their key impacts and initiatives in the areas of workplace, marketplace, the environment and community.
Paul Hitchcock, CEO of Corporate Express, said companies have a responsibility to society beyond profit maximisation and job creation.
“We recognise the need to minimise the negative impacts of our operations and strive to impact positively on society,” Hitchcock said.
“As a reseller of business products, the biggest difference we can make is in the way we approach our supply chain — ensuring the ethical sourcing of products.
“Customers want to buy from companies who are aligned with the issues that are important to them and will increasingly invest in and buy from companies which share their values,” he added.
The report summarises Corporate Express’ workplace, marketplace, environment and community programs and initiatives and introduces targets in each of these areas for 2009.
Highlights of the report include:
  • Key milestones of Corporate Express’ sustainability journey.
  • New Corporate Social Responsibility governance.
  • The launch of three new initiatives: Learning & Development Team, Women in Leadership Council and Indigenous Support Program.
  • Disclosure of metrics including workforce makeup and carbon footprint.
  • Details on the Ecological Sustainable Design features of the new corporate head office, data centre and regional distribution centre.
  • Highlights of employee community activities.
 Jennifer Williams, Corporate Express’ corporate social responsibility manager, said the company has been committed for many years to developing a sustainable supply chain that supports its customers’ sustainability focus.
“While this is our first official Sustainability Report, our sustainability journey actually began over a decade ago with the launch of our environmentally-preferable products,” Williams said.
“The focus areas of the report have been chosen by using the framework of the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines and by involving our internal CSR committees which have helped us identify key sustainability metrics to report on.
“This new report brings together all our corporate social responsibility activities in one easy-to-digest document and sets a great benchmark for future reporting,” she explained.
The Sustainability Report and related performance data are available at under ‘Sustainability’.

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