Environment drives truckers

BioMax, the biofuels arm of the Victor Smorgon Group, is making inroads into the Australian trucking sector with strong sales of its biodiesel to freight logistics companies looking to meet their environmental commitments and secure future fuel needs.

Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel manufactured to Australian diesel standards from domestic, renewable resources and can be mixed with petroleum diesel in varying proportions to produce environmentally-friendly biodiesel blends. BioMax’s biodiesel is produced at its purpose-built facility in Victoria from animal fats, canola oil and used cooking oil and is said to meet all Australian biodiesel and petroleum diesel Standards.

The Victor Smorgon Group’s managing director, Peter Edwards, said fleet vehicles and trucks currently using BioMax biodiesel are operating as usual.

“Biodiesel functions in the engine much the same way as petroleum diesel maintaining vehicle performance, payload capacity and distance range,” said Mr Edwards.

Freight logistics companies are increasingly being called upon to account for their environmental footprint. Depending on the type of biodiesel blend used, a switch to biodiesel could save a company between 15 and 75 per cent of CO2 fuel based emissions on their sustainability report.

“The environmental benefits of biodiesel are not limited to greenhouse gas emissions. Biodiesel usage means a reduction of other emissions such as particular matter, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide, all air pollutants under the Clean Air Act,” said Mr Edwards.

The road transport sector has the choice of different biodiesel blends. Generally, customers are using BioMax B20 Biodiesel and BioMax B100 Biodiesel, but any blend is possible. BioMax B20 Biodiesel is a blend of 20 per cent diesel and conventional sulphur diesel and meets both the Australian Diesel Fuel Standards and the Australian Biodiesel Fuel Standards. BioMax B100 Biodiesel is claimed to be the only fuel to be classified nontoxic and meets the Australian Biodiesel Fuel Standards.

To find out more about supply contracts or ordering BioMax biodiesel, call 1300 88 55 13 or visit www.biomaxfuels.com.au.

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