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Honeywell has introduced what it says is a new class of mobile device that bridges the gap between consumer mobile phones, industrial mobile computers and bar code scanners, empowering mobile information workers to connect, collect and communicate at the point of customer service.


The compact, durable Dolphin 6000 Scanphone automates the data collection process and delivers real-time access to business data, leading to improved productivity, more informed decision making and lower operating costs.


Taylor Smith, director of product management at Honeywell Scanning & Mobility said: “Honeywell has seen an increase in the use of consumer-grade smartphones for enterprise applications as more functionality is added to mobile phones. However, these devices are not specifically designed for enterprise use and do not meet the bar code scanning needs of mobile information workers.


“The Dolphin 6000 fills this gap, delivering more reliability, more powerful scan performance and greater line of business application support than any smartphone on the market.”


In addition to its basic mobile phone functionality, the Dolphin 6000 offers advanced productivity features geared towards the vertical enterprise, including field service, field sales, and retail and logistics operations.


An integrated scanner provides fast and accurate bar code scanning, simplifying data entry tasks, while Honeywell’s Remote MasterMind for Mobility device management software lets users manage, update and remotely diagnose all Dolphin 6000 devices within a network from one centralised location, lowering development and maintenance costs.


Utilising the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional operating system, the Dolphin 6000 is designed for easy integration with enterprise-grade software applications.


Ian Walmsley, mobility product manager for Sektor, a distributor for Honeywell Scanning & Mobility in Australia and New Zealand said: “With the Dolphin 6000, Honeywell has created a product category that has been missing up until now.


“There are many businesses that have been deploying consumer smartphones for cost reasons, and then suffering long term because of all the key enterprise features consumer products are missing – full shift battery life, operating system versions that are stable for longer than six months, the ability to source identical replacement devices and to economically service the products for several years.”


More rugged than a smartphone, the IP-rated Dolphin 6000 is resistant to moisture and particle intrusion, making it suitable for use in adverse conditions, such as those encountered by a field service or logistics worker. The device comes equipped with a long-lasting battery for uninterrupted productivity throughout an entire shift.


The Dolphin 6000 also has an integrated megapixel camera and is optimised for voice communication, eliminating the need to carry a separate digital camera and mobile phone. Multiple wireless options, including GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, help users stay connected in a variety of environments.

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