New software to save truckies

TruckSafe and Tamari Software and Technology have released TruckSafe Manager, a complete business management and accreditation software for the trucking industry.
The CEO of TruckSafe, Stuart St Clair, said TruckSafe Manager would make it affordable for every trucking company to replace their inefficient paper-based records. Until now, trucking companies have had to pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to install computerised systems.
“With TruckSafe Manager, every trucking company, large and small, can afford to:
– computerise their workshop maintenance management;
– eliminate repetitive paperwork, with cross checks to reduce the chance of expensive mistakes;
– easily develop and maintain written maintenance procedures;
– track maintenance spending;
– manage their compliance paperwork in one place; and
– with the optional inventory control module, track their parts and inventory across multiple sites,”
Mr St Clair said.
“TruckSafe Manager is fully integrated into the TruckSafe program, the trucking industry’s safety accreditation system. Both new and existing TruckSafe members who have the software automatically qualify for the TruckSafe Manager Members Upgrade.
“The Members’ Upgrade includes all the TruckSafe manuals and procedures as part of the software. It’s the best and simplest way for operators to create or maintain their TruckSafe-compliant company manuals.
“And because TruckSafe Manager is Australian-made, the program can be customised to suit trucking companies both now and as their businesses grow,” Mr St Clair said.
TruckSafe is the trucking industry’s business and safety management scheme. Hundreds of companies are now using the procedures in the TruckSafe manuals to become safer and more competitive, with independent statistics showing that TruckSafe companies are twice as safe as non-accredited companies.
TruckSafe Manager costs $600 (plus GST) and is available now. For more information, contact TruckSafe on 02 6253 6900 or visit

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