Item-level RFID within reach

Item-level RFID within reach

Specialist RFID solution provider and GS1 Business Alliance Partner RAMP RFID has announced the launch of the Xterprise Clarity Solution for item-level RFID to the Australian retail sector.

GS1 Australia, Motorola, NRA and RAMP RFID are co-hosting an ‘Introduction to Item Level RFID for Retail’ breakfast event in Sydney on Tuesday 11 February 2014, and in Melbourne on Wednesday 12th February 2014 between 8:00am and 10:30am at the offices of GS1 Australia.

Guest speakers at the events will include Stacey Shulman, former CIO at American Apparel who will present a case study on the successful rollout of item-level RFID by American Apparel, and Catherine Koetz, GS1 Australia’s Senior Advisor – Industry Engagement will provide a comprehensive introduction to GS1 standards in apparel.

Stacey Shulman said: “The ROI of RFID-enabled stores is no more than six months. Stores that are using the RFID system have proven to reduce shrink, improve stock levels and reduce employee turnover. One hundred per cent of our RFID-enabled stores outperform our non-RFID stores. They are doing twice as good. After we finish deploying by year-end, American Apparel will represent the second largest item-level retail deployment in North America, behind Wal-Mart.”

According to Ms Shulman, sales have increased at those stores already using RFID, and internal shrinkage has dropped by up to 75% at some RFID-enabled locations and by an average of 55% overall.

“RAMP believes EPC technology is the ideal tool to improve visibility throughout the retail supply chain. Together with GS1, we have the capabilities to fundamentally change the way retail operates saving businesses time and money,” said Kevin Cohen, CEO of RAMP RFID Solutions.

The use of item level RFID has been widely adopted by major retail companies throughout the United States and has proven significant benefits including dramatically enhanced visibility leading to increased efficiencies and cost reductions. The Xterprise Clarity Solution delivers on the promise of visibility into every item of every store across a major retail chain.

To register and view the event agenda, visit the ‘Introduction to Item Level RFID for Retail’ breakfast invitation.


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