Micro Pacific joins GS1

Micro Pacific joins GS1

Micro Pacific Pty Ltd, a professional services organisations that offers labelling and supply chain services, is joining GS1 Australia’s Alliance Partner Program. GS1 Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that administers the global GS1 System of supply chain standards in Australia.

Founded in the 1980s, Micro Pacific provides a range of professional services to allow clients to apply information management techniques to control and track entities within their business organisation.

“Micro Pacific’s announcement to enter into the GS1 Australia Alliance Partner program is a great asset to the Alliance Partner community. Micro Pacific will help businesses of all sizes with the implementation of the GS1 System, from scanning and labelling to data management,” said Joseli C Münive, national manager – alliances & ICT Industry at GS1 Australia.

Michael Ribbons, business analyst at Micro Pacific added: “By becoming an alliance partner we hope to bring further benefits to our supply chain clients. These benefits include standardisation across the supply chain sector and advances in the application of barcode and RFID technologies.”

Micro Pacific enables suppliers to meet retail shipping requirements by providing two pieces of software called Data Manager for fully automated EDI and Scan Pack.

The Data Manager EDI (electronic data interchange) platform is designed to support integration with just about any accounting, ERP or WMS package. Data Manager’s workflow layer can be configured to support any combination of business rules. This enables a seamless abstraction of the underlying EDI technology which in turn allows business representatives to focus on sales and shipping, rather than remembering varying business arrangements and learning new software.

Micro Pacific Scan Pack, as the name suggests, takes care of scanning and labelling of outgoing products in the warehouse. The latest iteration, Scan Pack version 6, has been designed with efficiency in mind, not only in terms of speed and resources in limited virtualised environments, but also in terms of simplicity and convenience. The Scanner Command feature allows users to answer dialog prompts by scanning barcodes – meaning they don’t have to put the scanner down as often to use the touch screen or mouse.

GS1 Australia’s Alliance Partner Program provides small and large businesses with a diverse range of benefits, including supply chain enabling tools, priority notification of new technologies and innovation initiatives to improve supply chain efficiency, comprehensive best practice case studies and professional advice in making the GS1 implementation smoother and easier.



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