Automation milestone

Automation milestone

Swisslog AutoStore

Global automation supplier Swisslog is celebrating the recent sale of its 1,000th AutoStore robot.

The autonomous robot, which sits on the top of an aluminum grid as part of the innovative storage system, was sold to Competec as part of its comprehensive project to extend its customer fulfilment capabilities.

“We’re delighted to reach this significant milestone, which reflects the speed at which the market has embraced AutoStore,” said Swisslog’s product manager Michael Heidu. “Thanks to our automation experience, we’ve realised more than 35 AutoStore projects across the globe and continue to invest in developing further improvements to the system’s overall performance.”

Swisslog’s ‘Click&Pick’, utilising the AutoStore storage and retrieval system, has been developed to provide optimal space usage in both existing and new installations, while seamlessly integrating to all clients’ existing business processes.

The workstations, tailored to match customers’ business processes, allow them to increase pick rates and virtually eliminate the chance for picking errors, whilst also providing a more reliable system than otherwise thought possible. These added improvements have made the system especially appropriate for the fast growing e-commerce sector.

AutoStore has also played a key role in the growth of retail businesses, offering a way for existing and new organisations to meet the demanding logistics challenges of e-commerce.

Said Michael: “Swisslog’s Click&Pick integrates AutoStore technology with additional e-commerce focused software and workstations. This combination of high-speed workstations, fast pick rates and incredible flexibility has enabled retailers to maximise their operations.”

AutoStore uses autonomous robots on an aluminium grid to access products stored in plastic containers, which are stacked directly on top of one another. To ensure high throughput, fast-moving items are stored in the upper layers of the grid. With no need for aisles, space utilisation is maximised, leading to the system being seen as ‘the most compact storage system in the world’.

Furthermore, it features outstanding reliability, with any robot available to access all inventory in real time.



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