Pallet company sets green goals

Pallet company sets green goals

Owner of the CHEP pallet enterprise Brambles has committed to its 2020 Sustainability Goals, adopting closer alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Brambles, the global supply chain logistics company operating primarily through the CHEP and IFCO brands, has announced its Sustainability Goals for 2020, reflecting the group’s ‘Better Business, Better Communities, Better Planet’ sustainability framework.

Brambles business model, the company says, provides efficient, safe and sustainable equipment for customers’ supply chains, while minimising environmental impact and contributing positively to the community at large. The group supplies pallets, crates and containers for shared use by multiple supply-chain participants in a ‘circular economy’ model, utilising the principles of ‘recover, reuse, reduce and recycle’.

The company’s 2020 Sustainability Goals focus on the most material aspects of the group’s operations and are closely aligned both with the aspirations of its customers and with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The Brambles circular business model, known as pooling, allows customers to transport their goods through the supply chain whilst eliminating the financial and environmental costs and risks of purchasing and disposing of one-way transportation platforms such as pallets or cardboard boxes.

The setting of Brambles’ 2020 Sustainability Goals, Brambles says, follows the achievement of the following under the group’s 2015 Sustainability Goals, which were set in 2010:

  • A 20% reduction in carbon emissions.
  • 97% of wood purchased from certified sources.
  • 75% zero wood waste to landfill at sites comprising 92% of production volumes.
  • Collaboration with more than 100 food banks, contributing to in-kind donations of US$1.45 million in FY15.
  • 15% improvement in the Brambles Injury Frequency Rate.
  • 25% increase in participation in education, training and development days.
  • In FY15, customers’ use of Brambles’ pallets and reusable plastic crates eliminated 460,000 tonnes of waste from landfill and saved 1.38 million trees.

Brambles chief executive officer Tom Gorman said: “Brambles has made significant progress in delivering continual improvement through our sustainability objectives over the past five years. Our 2020 Sustainability Goals set a new challenge for us – one that we are excited and committed to undertaking. Our commitment to sustainability fits intrinsically with our model, our markets and our customers’ needs and I am delighted to see our goals also align so directly with the Sustainability Goals established by the UN.”


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