Mitsubishi Order Picker has productivity at heart

Mitsubishi Order Picker has productivity at heart


Order picking is the most time consuming and often the most expensive stage in materials handling but with the best equipment order picking can be handled efficiently. Efficiency is achieved with Mitsubishi’s driver-generated design and product development with a profound understanding of customer’s order picking process.

Every single detail of the VELIA ES low level order picker has been designed to make picking easier, safer and faster. Beneath their ultra-modern exterior, the highly advanced VELIA ES low level order pickers combine operator comfort and precise control with efficient performance to deliver market-leading performance. This award-winning series incorporates a number of key developments, which result in a large productivity advantage over competitors.

From the comfortable and responsive Maxius steering wheel to the spacious, uncluttered walk-through operator compartment, featuring the market’s biggest platform yet, VELIA has been developed with productivity at its heart.

It is also designed to be programmed in order to fit the customer’s load, warehouse and even the driver’s requirements. The chassis is created to give an incomparable ability to be navigated even in limited and confined spaces. These intelligent features boost the flow of picking and productivity up to 20%.


In the second level picking models the steering wheel rises with rising platform for extended operator comfort and safety. Platform and forks can both be raised while driving, reducing cycle times to a minimum.

Additionally, the ergonomically designed 105mm low entry step reduces the risk of tripping further emphasising driver safety. Driver presence sensing on the whole operator platform enables driving in several comfortable positions and instant take-off when safely on board. The unique multifunction steering wheels has an ergonomic design to ensure pleasant working for drivers of all sizes.

Each model offers a maximum drive speed of 12 km/h when the operator is riding, but sets a safe pedestrian speed in optional walk-beside mode. The series includes a choice of three models to meet every need.

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