Inland rail boosted, Aurizon to start working at Enfield

Inland rail boosted, Aurizon to start working at Enfield

The Federal Government’s half a billion dollar funding boost to the inland rail project is critical to improving the efficiency of Australia’s supply chains, whilst Aurizon is moving into the Enfield intermodal centre.

Inland rail

“Inland rail is critical to Australia’s freight future given the expectations of the growth in the freight task and I therefore welcome the government’s significant funding commitment to acquire the land necessary to construct inland rail,” said Australian Logistics Council managing director Michael Kilgariff.

“We also note the announcement to retain the Australian Rail Track Corporation in Australian Government ownership.

“This decision represents a significant commitment by government to the Inland Rail project and we look forward to this ownership arrangement supporting the timely and efficient delivery of the project.

“With our freight task expected to triple by 2050, rail simply has to make a greater contribution to the movement of freight along Australia’s north–south corridor.

“ALC’s 2016-2017 budget submission called on the government to actively fund and manage this nationally significant infrastructure project to bring it to fruition and I am pleased the government has allocated $594 million in additional equity funding to take the next step in the project’s development.

“The 1,700 kilometre link between Brisbane and Melbourne will transform the way we move freight around the country, and in effect will complete the spine of the national freight rail network. The project will also reduce pressure on our road infrastructure and improve the global competitiveness of our exporters.

Aurizon to start operations at Enfield

Aurizon will start operations at the Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre (ILC) in Western Sydney from Monday 9 May 2016.

The relocation of Aurizon’s intermodal freight business from its current location at Yennora to Enfield will allow the company to grow and expand its interstate service offerings for customers and paves the way for the introduction of port shuttle services.

Enfield Intermodal site 2014

“At Enfield in Western Sydney we are creating a new Aurizon intermodal hub with greater competitiveness, productivity and safety,” EVP commercial & marketing Mauro Neves said.

“The site supports longer trains, improved scheduling and cycle times, and less train shunting. It means faster transit time on the Melbourne, Brisbane and North Queensland corridors and gives us an opportunity to target increased volumes for both north-south and east-west interstate operations.

“This move is a genuine investment in our customers and signals to the intermodal market that Aurizon is in this business for the long haul and is in growth mode.”

The 60 hectare Enfield ILC is a ‘turnkey’ site located 18 kilometres from Port Botany on a dedicated freight line and with direct access to the interstate mainline corridor. It is in close proximity to the M4 and M5 motorways. The site includes an intermodal terminal, warehousing and buildings with vacant land for the development of rail-related warehousing, freight forwarding, import-export (IMEX), transport and distribution facilities.

The relocation from Yennora to Enfield facilitates the development of an adjacent market segment in the provision of intermodal services including an IMEX shuttle, shuttles from Port Botany, reefer storage, AQIS and distribution.

  • The move to Enfield will enable Aurizon to offer the following:
  • Improved operating hours.
  • Later terminal cut off times for outbound services.
  • Earlier freight availability times for movements into Sydney.
  • 3 x services per week with a 4 day transit from Sydney to Perth including the premium delivery windows of Monday, Tuesday and Friday into Perth.
  • An additional service ex-Melbourne to Sydney on Friday (6MB7), with freight availability in Sydney on Saturday at 0930 hrs.
  • Transit times for container movements between many locations and Sydney reduced by up to 24 hours.
  • Number of trains servicing Sydney increased from 10 to 12 services per week (6 x northbound and 6 x southbound).
  • Future development of a rail shuttle and import-export service between Port Botany and Enfield.


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