State-of-the-art new headquarters opened for automation firm

State-of-the-art new headquarters opened for automation firm

Automation specialist Vanderlande has officially opened the doors to its new cutting-edge office building in Veghel, Netherlands. A formal ceremony was held on and a commemorative brick was laid in celebration of the milestone event. The names of seven Vanderlande employees – who have each been with the company for more than 45 years – were inscribed on the brick.

Vanderlande is currently experiencing a period of record growth, with more new employees being welcomed to the company than ever before. The recently completed building has been designed to support its growth ambitions and vision on sustainability. The innovative structure is spread across eight floors, a ground floor and a basement, and covers an expansive 19,500m2.

During the design phase, Vanderlande paid careful attention to creating the highest possible levels of working comfort for all employees. A number of the company’s employee suggestions were implemented during the building, and consideration was given to ergonomic concerns, such as light, space and noise levels.

The new building contains a central stairwell that links every floor, and is home to over 1,000 workstations, all with height-adjustable desks and the latest IT facilities and equipment. A variety of areas, such as a fitness suite, ‘scrum’ rooms and lounges provide adequate space for a range of activities. Innovative triple-glazed glass will also contribute to significant energy savings. In addition, a new restaurant has been opened, while the new Vanderlande Academy is scheduled for completion in the third quarter of 2017.



“The balance between ergonomics and aesthetics is perfect in our new office environment,” said Vanderlande’s CEO Govert Hamers. “Colleagues have told me many positive things about the lack of noise, the visuals and the natural light permeating through the building.

“Effectively, it was designed to be as comfortable as possible. Everyone I speak to is excited and proud to work in such a spectacular office. It is a highly impressive structure, and will be a welcoming space in which to entertain our visitors and clients. I’m sure our staff will join me in congratulating all those individuals who worked hard to deliver a new home we can be truly proud of.”



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