Australia’s first hyperloop prototype released

Australia’s first hyperloop prototype released

An inter-disciplinary team of RMIT University students is revolutionising the future of transportation as the only finalists from the Southern Hemisphere in Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.

In an Australian first, VicHyper is has unveiled its Hyperloop pod prototype at RMIT.

Taking on the impossible, VicHyper designed and constructed a functional Hyperloop pod prototype to compete as finalists at the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition Weekend in California (27-29 January 2017).

Placing Australian ingenuity on the world stage alongside Stanford, MIT and Delft universities, VicHyper will be the first team in the world to operate a Linear Induction Motor within a vacuum.

Hyperloop is redefining high-speed ground transportation, with the ability to transport both people and cargo at the speed of sound (1200 km/h).

To reach these unprecedented speeds, a pod travels within an elevated tube network held at a near vacuum utilising magnetic levitation and linear induction motors.

With an award-winning braking system, VicHyper has been selected from more than 1,700 global entries to compete in the final 30 and accelerate the development of Hyperloop technologies.

VicHyper project leader Zac McClelland said: “At VicHyper, we are anticipating the transportation needs of tomorrow rather than reacting to the problems of today. Hyperloop will be the solution to connect us like never before.

“Imagine living in Melbourne and working in Sydney with only a 50-minute commute, or travelling to regional Australia within minutes. We are making it a reality.”

Breaking the barriers of distance, VicHyper is striving to develop Hyperloop technologies to implement in Australia, connecting both metropolitan and regional areas at the speed of sound.

VicHyper is advancing the development of Hyperloop to emerge as a viable fifth mode of transport, rivalling planes for speed and cars for safety.

VicHyper won the Braking Subsystem Technical Excellence Award at the semi-finals SpaceX Pod Design Weekend in Texas (29-30 January, 2016) and has recently been awarded the Highly Commended certificate at the #TechDiversity.

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