On-demand delivery for online shopping

On-demand delivery for online shopping

A new platform is to meet the needs of a growing international e-commerce sector, where the majority of shipments are destined for residential addresses.

DHL Express has officially launched On Demand Delivery, a new service that allows shippers and receivers globally to select from a range of delivery options.

In recent years, the e-commerce sector has experienced significant growth, with approximately 60 per cent of shipments brought into Australia by DHL Express now headed for consumers at residential addresses. Australian businesses are seizing this opportunity and are looking for ways to make purchasing online more attractive to consumers.

This service was originally introduced in Australia on a trial basis in September 2015, and in 2016, more than 3.5 million shipments were delivered using On Demand Delivery.

“The increase of e-commerce deliveries has primarily been driven by the strong demand for high-value and premium goods in the global marketplace, as well as the emergence of start-up retailers who are expanding opportunistically to new overseas markets and therefore require a worldwide door-to-door delivery service,” said Gary Edstein, CEO, DHL Express Oceania.

Shippers can choose to activate specific delivery options and have the company notify their customers via email or SMS about a shipment’s progress. Receivers can then select the delivery option that best suits their requirements via the On Demand Delivery website.

The On Demand Delivery website is mobile-optimised and can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or PC, offering receivers up to six delivery options. Shippers can incorporate their own branding into customer notifications. Receivers can schedule a delivery, arrange delivery to a nearby Service Point or their own alternate address, and even request that a shipment is put on hold while they are on vacation. Delivery instructions make their way in real-time to couriers, ensuring shipments are received at the right time and at the convenience of the receiver.

Since the trial in September 2015, the most popular delivery option among receivers has proved to be ‘Signature Release’, with 42 per cent of consignees choosing to specify a location where a parcel can be left without signature. Following closely was ‘Reschedule Your Delivery’ (30 per cent) and ‘Collect from Service Point’ (19 per cent).

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