Synchronised intelligence: the ‘future of intralogistics software’ arrives

Synchronised intelligence: the ‘future of intralogistics software’ arrives

Swisslog has introduced SynQ, a next-generation warehouse management software platform.

SynQ – short for synchronised intelligence – is said to be a flexible and adaptable cloud-enabled software that intelligently connects and synchronises automation equipment, robotics, people and processes. The software’s ability to adapt to future technology will see users benefit from a future-proof operation, where additional functionality can be securely added, helping businesses capitalise on the opportunities emerging as Industry 4.0 evolves.

SynQ enables insights, optimisation and agility in storage and distribution operations. It represents a new approach that advances Swisslog’s warehouse management software without leaving current users behind.

SynQ not only encompasses warehouse management, material flow and automation control systems functionality, it also provides an array of business intelligence tools that allow smart forecasting through real-time data analysis, in a modular platform.

“While SynQ represents a new approach to warehouse management software, it retains the core technology and functionality of our WM 6 warehouse management software,” said Tim Eick, Swisslog’s VP software and controls development. “We’re upgrading deployment options such as cloud and fog capabilities whilst ensuring field-proven performance and upgradability / semi-automated upgrade paths.

“SynQ functionality, services and crucial supporting processes are organised around three pillars: Collaboration Platform, Operational Services and Intelligence Services,” Mr Eick explained. “Collaboration Platform modules provide continuity no matter the level of automation the business has installed, whilst Operational Services deliver industry-standard processes and high-speed automation for maximum performance. Finally, Intelligent Services allow smart growth in a dynamically changing market.”

Extendable ‘Directors’ as well as independent or integrated extendable ‘Managers’ allow SynQ’s integration with ERP or third party WMS software as well as new or existing material handling equipment. ‘Directors’ and ‘Managers’ expose networked interfaces that facilitate embedding intelligence throughout the entire operation. The result is a synchronised flow of products and information across people, processes and equipment to enable new levels of material handling performance.

See SynQ up close and in person on the Swisslog stand (E21) at the upcoming Smart Supply Chain & Logistics Expo 29-30 March 2017. Click here to register for free.


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