How to lose your depot licence

How to lose your depot licence

The Australian Border Force (ABF) has cancelled the customs depot licence of a Victorian company for repeatedly breaching its licence conditions.

The company, Farm Fresh Logistics Pty Ltd, was licensed under the Customs Act 1901 to hold goods prior to being customs cleared at its depot in Tottenham, Victoria.

On 28 March 2017, ABF officers executed monitoring warrants at the depot and associated offices in Tottenham and identified a total of 14 beaches of its licencing conditions.

The breaches included:

  • Unpacking, moving and storing goods outside of the licenced area.
  • Failing to keep goods in a separate and distinct area from goods not subject to customs control.
  • Failing to provide commercial records relating to goods received into the depot.
  • Failing to maintain a depot log book providing details of people entering the licensed area.
  • Failing to maintain adequate fencing and gates.
  • Failing to implement and maintain an effective accounting system.

ABF officers served the company with a Notice of Intended Cancellation and Suspension of the Customs Depot Licence pursuant to s77V of the Customs Act 1901. This meant the depot licence was immediately suspended with full cancellation taking effect on Tuesday, 11 April 2017.

Regional Commander Victoria, James Watson said this result sends a strong message to companies who do not comply with their licensing conditions.

“These depots are trusted to store and handle potentially dangerous goods and we won’t tolerate any breach of that trust,” Commander Watson said.

“We will always put the safety of the public first and if any depots are found to be in breach of their licence conditions by mishandling the goods in their care, we won’t hesitate to issue infringements and ultimately cancel those licences if necessary.”

Industry training session

The ABF Regional Command Victoria is hosting an industry operational training session on 1 June 2017 in Essendon. The purpose of the event is to educate supply chain industry members about the regulatory requirements of the ABF and to reduce offences against the Customs Act 1901.

The event is targeted at operationally responsible members in the supply chain, including: brokers, cargo terminal operators, depots, warehouse, freight forwarders and transport associations. For additional information email

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