NEW CAMSO forklift tyres to offer customer 20% extra life.

NEW CAMSO forklift tyres to offer customer 20% extra life.

Camso recently expanded its tyre product portfolio with the launch of three new forklift tyres. These are the Solideal RES 660 Xtreme Series, the Solideal RES 550 Magnum Series, and the Solideal RES 330 Series. All of the new series of CAMSO forklift tyres are distinguished by a blue square molded into the tyre to highlight new tread compounds.

According to Mike Dembe, Product Management Director of North America and Latin America- Construction, they believe that businesses can maximize productivity and profitability with choosing the right tyre for a specific application. Basically, Camso designed the new Solideal RES series with the purpose of decreasing operating costs of forklifts.

Erick Bellefleur says that their new industry-leading Solideal RES tyres offers maximum lifespan. That is, within an array of different application intensities. Because of this, fleet managers can definitely optimize their investment. The Product Line Executive Director of Material Handling, Camso, explains that it’s their job to understand the unique mobility needs of any forklift application.

In essence, tyre wearing depends on the load capacity of a vehicle and how far a forklift travels. It would also include the number of hours, the floor type, and even the behavior of the operator. Camso ultimately designed a tyre that would be able to last longer than other models. These would be able to cope up with the demands of the applications regardless of the environmental conditions as well.

First off, the Solideal RES 660 is highly resistant to heat. That’s thanks to its performance compounds and low rolling resistance. It’s ideal for very intense applications that require long runs, heavy lifting, and minimal downtime. It guarantees an increase in stability in corners and lifting loads, too. Not to mention that there’s a reduction of vibrations because of the continuous centre lug.

In the meantime, the Solideal RES 550 is suitable for carrying medium to heavy loads. Although, they can’t function 24/7. Since it has a wide profile, deep lugs, and large footprint, there is surely an improvement in stability and safety. In addition to those, these features enhance tyre traction on rough and uneven surfaces as well.

Lastly, the Solideal RES 330 is perfect for those machines that run in tight spaces on an intermittent basis. Camso boasts of the RES 330 for being the longest-lasting tyre in the industry for this specific application.

These tyres are set to be released in the second half of 2017 and supplied through major forklift rental companies installed on behalf of BEARCAT TYRES – The Australian Division of CAMSO.

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